Exposure Trip to Ethiopia

Located in North Eastern Africa, Ethiopia is Africa’s leading coffee exporter yet it suffers from years of conflicts, famine, diseases, natural disasters, drought and heavy national debt burden. Near 40% of the population live under the poverty line and many children need to struggle for their daily survival. While some of them live in urban slums with their families, others are abandoned in orphanages or become street kids. In some regions of the country people face severe hunger since the worst drought in 60 years have devastated the country and other East Africa areas in July 2011. Our partners are responding to local needs and situations of the poor by implementing various relief and development programmes to build up their communities to support local communities to move towards self-sufficiency.

Date> 17th to 28th Jan 2013 (12 days)
Activity> Visit and interact with local children and families in the capital to know more how local partner serves local impoverished people according to their needs and specific situations. Go to southern part region to follow up the latest update of drought relief projects. Visit local fair trade coffee projects to recognise the operations and ideas behind.
Target> Christians aged 18 or above, able to communicate in English, with a burden in helping the poor
Fee> approx. HKD 17,000
Deadline> 17th Oct 2012
Interview> End of Oct 2012
Pre-trip Meeting> Dec 2012 and the early of Jan 2013
Enquiry> Contact Ms. Lam and Mr. Tang at sharing@cedarfund.org or (852) 2381 9627

Application form is provided upon request.

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