Exposure Trip to Nepal 2012

Nepal is a paradise for mountain hikers. The same may not be true for many local citizens. Years of hardship, including natural disasters, water contamination, political instability and religious discrimination, has caused a shortage of basic infrastructure, leaving nearly 65% of population in substandard living with poor education and healthcare. Compounding with gender, religion and ethnic discriminations and uneven regional development, the poverty of ethnic groups and women living in remote mountains are more desperate. Local Christians have been going to the villages in remote mountains to empower impoverished villagers to be self-reliant and build up the relationship of mutual aid in the communities.

Date> 26 Apr to 3 May 2012 (8 days)
Activities> Visit the women development projects in the mountain villages in central district to understand the hardships of local women from discrimination and deprivation and how CEDAR’s partner helps them to recognise their value and to be self-reliant by organising and empowering women self-help group. We will also visit ethnic communities in remote mountains for understanding local hygiene and health conditions and how CEDAR’s partner is helping communities to improve the environmental hygiene and develop basic medical services.
Target> Christians aged 18 or above, able to communicate in English, with a burden in helping the poor
Fee> approx. HKD 10,000
Deadline> 9 Mar 2012
Interview> Mid of Mar 2012
Pre-trip Meeting> Early Apr 2012
Enquiry> Contact Ms. Poon at sharing@cedarfund.org or (852) 2381 9627

Application form is provided upon request.

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